Greens Update







• Greens height of cut 3.75mm mown everyday where possible

• Regular rolling of greens (at least once per week)

• Sorrel rolling of all greens

• Tees height of cut 12mm mown 2-3 times per week and bobbles moved regularly trying to keep on top of the divoting weekly

• Fairways height of cut 14mm mown 2-3 times per week alternating mowing direction and cross cutting to reduce lateral growth

• Semi height of cut 50mm mown once a week approx 2.5 days to complete areas

• Across most of the site where safe to do so we have been flail collecting the semi and banding to reduce clippings and thin out the sward improving aesthetics and reducing growth

• Banding and tee banks height of cut 30mm banding mown 2 timers per week, tee banks 1

• Rough areas and shaping ongoing throughout the season with the basic areas set for the season flailing and rough collection will be carried out at suitable times

• Switching/brushing greens when necessary also blowing off of debris

• Holes changed once a week depending on ground conditions or competition requirements

• All pop ups trimmed and edged (approximately every two weeks or as required) - (sprayed with residual weeedkiller to reduce man hours on trimming throughout year)

• Bunkers raked once a week or more if man hours allow

• Practice ground balls collected daily with area being mown as fairway and banding once a week

• Irrigation system has been set up charged and pressurised for season with various repairs being carried out as required including 4 replacement greenside sprinklers, 6 replacement tee sprinklers, 4 replacement irrigation decoders, 8-10 replacement solenoid valves, and 2 complete valve replacements in progress, with another 4-6 complete valves needing attention (all of the repairs are carried out in house). 

• Over the last few months the greens have received the following inputs-

• Weekly sorrel rolling

• Daily brushing and grooming

• Over seeding with Pure bent seed

• Localised weed control on all greens

• Monthly applications of a suitable wetting agent, seaweed, iron and fertiliser as required

• Monthly compost tea application (home brewed biology and fungal additives, trace elements)


• All machinery is running as required with various running repairs being carried out either in house or under maintenance contracts as expected

• Toro 3500 sidewinder contour mower, Toro 3100 tees mower have had their finance deals renewed with the 3500 being replaced with a Toro 4300 (bigger and more productive machine (ex Demo)) and the 3100 being kept on a lower finance deal to help reduce costs

• One of the new buggies has been damaged with replacement parts on order.

• Looking into weed control across the course (fairways and semi rough and some accessible rough areas) with quotes and estimates being obtained approx £26 per acre for basic herbicide or £31 per acre with a growth suppressant (last complete spray was over 150 acres)

• The tees and surrounds will be treated with a herbicide in house ASAP

• Looking into maintenance contracts and repairs for the irrigation system

• Repairs to be carried out on the shed roof following a golfer damaging a panel and storm damage to the front of the building

• Looking at volunteer groups and options for volunteers

• Thanks go to Duncan Renshaw who has continued his support with ball collection on occasion and Helen Mudie for her continued effort and work on the hanging baskets

• Thanks to Joe Mines who has spent a very productive week on work experience from QUEGS.  



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